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.NET newbies / How can i view an ACAD file using DOTNET
« on: February 10, 2011, 07:53:24 AM »

target audience:{intermediate}


I'm just a beginner in developing ACAD applications with my proficient DOTNET

I have started it with adding DLL with my application. First, i added ACDBMGD.DLL in my project. It contains many members like(Point2d,Point3d...etc)
As a first step i like to draw an line using my application...I used the below code...(It was in C#)

Point2d p1=new Point2d(0,0);
Point2d p2=new Point2d(35,30);
line s=new line(p1,p2);

This above code sounds like "FILENOTFOUND EXCEPTION"

Am i need to load ACAD file anywhere?? Actually, i did it in my application startup path...but still i'm facing this....Am looking for your suggestions...Please

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