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Guests posting / Re: Write a macro to record a macro
« on: January 05, 2013, 07:06:36 PM »
The easiest way to write a macro is not to write it from scratch but to let UltraEdit do most of the work for you. One of UltraEdit's trademark features is the ability to use powerful macros.

The macro menu includes a feature called quick record which can write most of your macro for you if you understand how it works. The quick record function records what you are doing until you tell it to stop.

When writing a macro, using quickrecord, the idea is to manipulate the text/data as much as possible using the keyboard, UltraEdit's native functions, Templates, and even other macros so quickrecord can record your steps. After you stop quickrecord, you can then go back and edit the macro by hand.

For instance, you can go back through your macros and add loops, conditional statments, regular expressions, etc.

We have used this method MANY times in creating very complex macros which have saved us hours and hours of work. It's just another example of the power of UltraEdit!

Lets begin...

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