Author Topic: Use COM Interoperability with .NET  (Read 7213 times)

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Use COM Interoperability with .NET
« on: November 22, 2010, 04:32:24 PM »
Microsoft Visual Studio can utilize both native .NET and COM interfaces in the same project. By utilizing COM interop, you can migrate existing code that might have been written in Visual Basic 6 or VBA without having to completely rewrite it. To access AutoCAD automation objects from a project created in Microsoft Visual Studio, create references to the following files:

    * The AutoCAD 2011 type library, acax18enu.tlb, located at <drive>:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared.
    * The AutoCAD/ObjectDBX Common 18.0 type library, axdb18enu.tlb, located at <drive>:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared.

NoteThe previous mentioned type libraries are also available as part of the ObjectARX SDK. For information on downloading and installing the ObjectARX SDK, see Components of the AutoCAD .NET API.

These references will make the following primary interop assemblies available:

    * Autodesk.AutoCAD.Interop.dll (for AutoCAD-specific types)
    * Autodesk.AutoCAD.Interop.Common.dll (for types shared by ObjectDBXâ„¢ host applications)

The interop assemblies are located in the global assembly cache; they map automation objects to their .NET counterparts
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